Little India in Furtwangen

Patricia Awad

10. April 2014

Report of an International Student

“India is not, as people keep calling it, an underdeveloped country, but rather, in the context of its history and cultural heritage, a highly developed one in an advanced state of decay.“ Shashi Tharoor

As we all know, the 3rd of April 2014, Indian culture took over Furtwangen all day long with diverse activities. For those who unfortunately missed this incredible journey in India, I offer you this little resume and pictures.

Visit to India

Rahul Yadav took us on a travel across India showing us the best places to see and giving us really good advices in the “Visit to India workshop”. We were drinking his words while he was describing to us funny, cultural and beauty facts. He also talked about the dangers for tourists in India and gave us a good contact: AjitBrijwaria.

Classical and Bollywood Dance

Then Lalitha Devi, all dressed in a yellow Indian sari, smiling gracefully like a sun, welcomed us with a transformed Alte Cafete. It has been given a makeover, all the sofa were covered by Indian clothes and a drum was standing in the middle of the room encircled by bells feet bracelets. Everybody was invited to put one around their two ankles. We were helping each other and doing it with pleasure. She showed us first slowly the moves and then she carried on faster and faster, so we got transported into this enchanting dance. She taught us that those moves were a way of communicating with the Hindu gods. When the dance lesson was finished we felt peaceful and relaxed, “it was a combines between yoga and dance” some people say.

Yoga and Meditation

In the afternoon the graceful woman taught us some yoga. The term yoga from yujiryoga (to yoke) or yuj samadhau (to concentrate) is defined from some people as “the stilling of the changing states of mind” and from others as “union with the divine”. That one hour and a half was one of the most peaceful moments of a lifetime. We got up after stretching and concentrating in difficult balanced positions, it felt like heaven.

Cultural Event, Indian Market and Bollywood DJ Night

At evening the Cultural Event, Stage Show and Indian market with Food started. The room was full of excited people to discover this new culture. After some speeches, the show started with Lalitha Devi who danced a divine, theatrical Hindu choreography. Then a young man, with a lot of impressive make up on his face, made a real traditional complicated dance representing the god Shiva. And so on… till they opened the buffet where we could find diverse spicy meals from all around India, cooked with love of tradition. After it, dancing and music shows continued till they opened the dance floor for the D.J Night. Those who have some Indian friends in Furtwangen or Schwenningen will never see them the way we saw them that night. They were bursting out on the dance floor, mixing Bollywood with hip hop. All cultures were reunited hand by hand on a same rhythm: the rhythm of India.

Patricia Awad, International Student vom Paris, France. Patricia studies „Online Media“ at the „Pole Universitaire Léonard de Vinci“ at the  Institute for Internet and Multimedia. She stays in Furtwangen for one semester. Her goal is to work in e-buisness and social media.